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Quack! Honk! Five cute picture books about ducks and geese your kids will love

Are you looking for adorable picture books about ducks and geese to captivate your little ones' hearts? Well, get ready to dive into the cutest duck-and goose-themed picture books ever!
Are you looking for adorable picture books about ducks and geese to captivate your little ones' hearts? Well, get ready to dive into the cutest duck-and goose-themed picture books ever!

Why we love ducks and geese

Ducks and geese are amazing water birds with one important thing in common: they really love being in the water! They also have a lot of other similarities. They spend a lot of time near lakes, ponds and marshes. The feathers of both ducks and geese help keep them warm and dry. Their feathers are also pretty, with different colours and patterns. Ducks and geese like to be with their friends and family. They form big groups and help each other find food and take care of their babies. They're really good at working together and being friendly!

But ducks and geese are also different in many ways. Ducks are smaller, while geese are larger and have longer necks and bills. Ducks like to eat things from the water, like plants and insects, while geese prefer to eat grass and crops from the land. Ducks make quacking sounds while geese honk loudly. Some ducks and geese travel long distances when the weather changes, but they have different ways of flying. Ducks often fly in v-shaped formations, while geese fly in big groups and follow specific paths. When it comes to making nests, ducks hide theirs near water, while geese build nests on the ground away from water. Ducks lay more eggs, and geese lay fewer eggs but are very protective of their nests.

Picture books about ducks and geese

Ducks and geese are really popular birds that kids love. They show up a lot in children's picture books, sometimes even in the same story! These books help us learn about ducks and geese and how fun and interesting they are. To celebrate how special ducks and geese are, I’ve put together a list of five picture books that show us their cute and playful side, as well as their feisty side! Remember to share what you've learnt about ducks and geese here when reading these delightful books to your kids.

1. Duck & Goose by Tad Hills

A picture book called Duck & Goose by Tad Hills.

Get ready to embark on a hilarious adventure with the dynamic duo of Duck and Goose! These lovable characters, who have even taken their charming antics to the small screen as an animated series on Apple TV+, are here to …. In Tad Hills' delightful book Duck and Goose, these feathered friends stumble upon a polka-dot ball and mistakenly believe it's an egg. Now, they must learn the valuable lessons of teamwork, cooperation, and the art of sharing to take care of their newfound "egg." Join them on their journey filled with laughter and mishaps as they navigate the ups and downs of friendship. This funny and relatable story for children ages 1–3 years will capture the hearts of young readers, who will quickly identify with Duck and Goose's optimistic and endearing personalities. Plus, this special edition includes fantastic bonus content from the author, providing tips on how to draw these lovable characters. Get ready to giggle, learn, and cherish this beautiful keepsake that celebrates the power of friendship!

2. The Serious Goose by Jimmy Kimmell

A picture book called The SErious Goose by beloved late night host Jimmy Kimmell.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! often features hilarious segments where beloved night show host Jimmy Kimmel interacts with kids. One popular segment is called "Kidversations", where Jimmy Kimmell interviews young children and asks them entertaining and sometimes unexpected questions. The responses from the kids are often witty, candid, and delightfully unpredictable, resulting in humorous and heartwarming moments. These segments have become a fan favourite and highlight Jimmy Kimmell's ability to connect with kids and bring out their unfiltered and entertaining perspectives on various topics.

It's no surprise that Jimmy Kimmell would author a wonderfully funny book aimed at children. Introducing the utterly Serious Goose, the main character in Jimmy Kimmell's debut picture book. Prepare for a hilarious and entertaining read as you embark on a mission to make this no-nonsense goose crack a smile. Jimmy Kimmel, who also illustrated this delightful book, encourages young readers ages 3–5 to embrace their silly side in a serious manner. Challenge your little ones to bring out the laughter in this stern little goose and get ready for endless fits of giggles.

It's great to know that Jimmy Kimmell will donate proceeds from the sales of this book to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles and children's hospitals nationwide, making this book even more delightful and meaningful.

3. Click, Clack, Good Night by Doreen Cronin

A gorgeous picture book called Click, Clack Good NIght by Doreen Cronin and Illustrated by Betsy Lewin.

Get ready for a barnyard adventure like no other in Click, Clack, Goodnight by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin. As night falls on the farm, the animals settle down for a peaceful slumber. However, one mischievous troublemaker who simply can't seem to doze off—Duck! Despite Farmer Brown's best efforts, including singing soothing melodies, reading captivating bedtime tales, and even resorting to a white noise machine and lively discussions, Duck remains wide awake and resistant to tucking in. Will Farmer Brown stay awake long enough to finally lull Duck into dreamland, or will a restful sleep forever elude them? Prepare for laughter and bedtime hijinks as you join Duck, Farmer Brown, and the rest of the farm crew on this whimsical quest for a good night's sleep. Will the dream of slumber become a reality, or will it continue to be a playful dreamland struggle? Discover the answer in this delightful and humorous tale, perfect for children ages 4–8.

4. Jasper & Joop by Olivier Dunrea

A sweet picture book called Jasper & Joop written and illustrated by Olivier Dunrea.

Get ready for a feather-filled adventure in the delightful book Jasper & Joop by Olivier Dunrea. Meet Jasper, a duck who loves order and tidiness. Every morning, he meticulously tidies his nest and dresses up in his dapper cap and bow tie. On the other hand, there's Joop, a goose who thrives on messiness and enjoys rumpling his nest and mussing his feathers. Despite their contrasting styles, Jasper and Joop are the best of friends, proving that even birds of a feather can flock together! But when Joop finds himself in a sticky situation with some busy bees, will their friendship weather the challenge? Join these adorable goslings as they navigate the ups and downs of friendship with Olivier Dunrea's enchanting storytelling and captivating illustrations that will delight fans of Gossie & Friends. Discover the heartwarming tale of Jasper and Joop, and witness the magic that can unfold when differences are embraced and friendships are tested. This gorgeous book is perfect for children ages 2–4.

5. Moose Versus Goose by Patrick Brooks

A delightful picture book called Moose Versus Goose written and illustrated by Patrick Brooks.

Get ready for an epic rivalry in the uproariously funny book Moose Versus Goose by the talented author and illustrator Patrick Brooks. Meet Moose and Goose, two feisty characters constantly vying for the title of the best. Whether it's in school or sports, these rivals go head-to-head in everything they do. Living on opposite cliffs across the sea from each other, their competition knows no bounds. But one fateful day, they find themselves stranded on the beach below their homes. Will Moose and Goose put their rivalry aside and work together to find their way back to their families? This humorous and heartwarming picture book for children ages 4–8 beautifully illustrates the power of collaboration and showcases how even the strongest of rivalries can transform into genuine friendships. Join Moose and Goose on their wild adventure, and discover the magic that happens when teamwork triumphs over rivalry.

With their delightful adventures and heartwarming stories, these feathered friends bring joy and valuable lessons to children's lives, making these stories an absolute must-read for every little bookworm.

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you make a purchase using my links. It’s okay – I love all of these books anyways, and you will too!


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