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Eve's Ducklings

Book Cover - 3D.png
  • Ages 3 – 5 (Preschool)

  • Hardcover, paperback and Kindle

  • Perfect for read-aloud and bedtime

A sweet, simple story that will make young readers eager to be kind to animals. Eve and her Grandpa take daily walks to the local lake, where Eve tries to make friends with two shy ducklings. Will Eve's funny and heart-warming antics win over the shy ducklings and their protective mother duck? Will her kind and patient Grandpa help Eve find a way to be more kind and gentle with the ducklings? Join Eve as she learns how to be kind, giving and respectful toward animals.

Book trailer and review

Eve's Ducklings book trailer
Eve's Ducklings book trailer
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Mary Lanni Video Review - Eve's Ducklings
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This book is the perfect gift for/from grandparents (or other older adult family members) because of the sweet intergenerational relationship depicted here.  Highly recommend for classrooms and libraries for kids preK to 2.

Absolutely delightful! The pictures are just gorgeous and sure to draw the younger readers in.

The fact that some of the story is told through the illustrations means the book becomes more engaging and parents can work on comprehension as well.

I just adore this.

What a fun story! It reminded me of my childhood and brought back fond memories. The illustrations in this book are amazing – it is certainly one to keep on the shelf and read over and over.

I really enjoyed it!"

In addition to a solid storyline, engaging illustrations help this picture book convey the message in a manner that will have readers giggling at times while still sympathizing with Eve’s plight. 

Eve’s Ducklings is a sweet picture book in which a girl who trusts her grandfather learns lessons about engaging with wildlife in a way that is safe, both for her and the animals.

A beautiful tale... which is bound to become a favorite bedtime story. This short story will give them all the tools to grow a healthy relationship with animals.

I recommend this beautiful tale!

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