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Ellery's Magic Bicycle

  • Ages 4 – 7 (Elementary)

  • Hardcover, paperback and eBook

  • Perfect for read–aloud and bedtime

A touching picture book about a remarkable childhood bond between a little girl and her magic bicycle. With her magical bicycle in tow, they share many wonderful new experiences together and find adventure, love, and friendship, as well as sorrow and loss. When she grows up, Ellery starts to forget her special bond with the bicycle. Will Ellery remember what’s important before it’s too late and the magical bike is lost forever? A story of redemption, Ellery’s struggles, hopes, and triumph serve as an uplifting reminder to parents of their childhood bonds. Young readers will grow to love Ellery’s strong, kind, and compassionate spirit, and will see their own cherished bicycle in a new light.

Teaching Resources

Teaching resources for Ellery's Magic Bicycle have been developed for the United States (Common Core State Standards) and Australia (Australian Curriculum). The resources for both countries are available in the same PDF. Download the resources here.  

Book trailer

Book Trailer - Ellery's Magic Bicycle
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