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Ellery's Magic Bicycle - Coming soon

Inspired by my childhood adventures, this heartfelt story will take you on a whimsical journey through Ellery’s childhood with her magical bicycle in tow.


Ellery and her bicycle share many wonderful new experiences together; lonely yet curious Ellery finds adventure, love, and friendship, as well as weathering sorrow and loss.

When she grows up, Ellery starts to forget her special bond with the bicycle. Will Ellery remember what’s important before it’s too late and the magical bike is lost forever?

This beautiful picture book will be available in May 2022. If you'd like an email letting you know when it's available on Amazon, please message me here.

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​This tale of a young girl and a magic bicycle is alive with warmth and feeling.

Monte skillfully portrays the importance of belonging, nestled inside an inspiring tale of friendship, loyalty, and wistful memories of childhood. The empathy between Ellery and her bicycle will give adult readers some valuable teaching moments, and the feel-good ending brings Ellery’s journey full circle. This is a must-read tearjerker.

A fantasy grounded in real life with a gentle message about loyal friendship.

The story’s fantasy element is delightfully matter-of-fact, as nobody questions how the bike came to life or where it came from. It simply is—and so is the underlying tenderness that Monte brings to her narrative as Ellery passes through childhood to her “daredevil” teenage years and adulthood...Prolific children’s book illustrator Saunders matches the narrative’s action and tone with delicate, expressive watercolor-and-ink images that charm with subtle detail and bring the magical bicycle to life without anthropomorphizing it.