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Magical childhood moments: mamma creates banana drama!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

In part three of my series on creating magic moments for your children, I share how you can add some fruity fun to your kids' lunchboxes.

Below is a tweet from a mamma who uses her incredible artistic talent to illustrate her son's bananas. In the tweet, @RebeccaMills explains that her artwork was causing a sensation among her son's friends. I love this for two reasons: firstly, each decorated banana added some sunshine to her son's day, and secondly, other children were also getting a kick out of it.

Although the teacher banned Rebecca for the banana dramas she was causing; a more recent tweet reveals she was able to resume the fun. Rebecca is a talented artist, but you can easily do something similar for your children no matter how good you are at drawing or art.

Bring on the fruity fun!

There are two ways to approach this: you can either slip the decorated fruit into your kids' lunchbox as a surprise for lunchtime. Or, you can decorate the fruit together with your kids, who can then show their friends their handiwork in the schoolyard. Either way, this is a great way to add a touch of magic to your children's lives.

Here are some suggestions for decorating fruit:

  1. Choose fruits with peels. Bananas are the best and most obvious option, but you can also use mandarins and oranges.

  2. Use non-toxic paint pens, sharpies or paint. The peel won't be eaten, so there should be no concerns about your kid eating poison, but it's best to use pens, textas and paints that are non-toxic. Craft, hobby and toy stores have an excellent range of colourful paint and texta packs.

  3. Use other types of decorations. You can add tinsel, ribbon, googly eyes, and stickers to make it even more fun. These will make the fruit look extra bright and goofy.

  4. Decorate the night before. This will allow the paint or texta to dry beforehand, and the artwork won't get smudged in your kid's bag.

  5. Take photos of your handiwork. Rebecca regrets not taking more photos of her art; don't make the same mistake!

Like with the lunchbox notes from my previous post, it's best to do this on occasion rather than every day. The element of unpredictability is part of the fun.

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